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Full Service Collection Processes and Products

We design and implement customized bad debt and early stage recovery strategies for consumer and commercial credit grantors.

Third party and First party outsourced solutions.

Customized Pre-Collect Letter and Contact Programs

Automated calling, SMS-Text communication platform, and Interactive Voice Response solutions built to support your operational deliverables.

Customer Contact Solutions

Automated and Agent Supported Telephone Contact Solutions

Not just for collection needs, we can develop a calling campaign to communicate your message to your customers.

Sales and Service!

Skip Trace Locate Services

We have access to many unique databases that lead to successful contact. Individual account and bulk list pricing available. Consider outsourcing your trace departments to us!

Legal Action Services and Support

We have paralegals on staff to facilitate all SCC actions and protect your receivables. We also handle LTB orders and enforcement. Let us facilitate the processes for you. Most actions are resolved before they ever get to a trial.

Aged Trial Balance Reviews and Clean-Up Strategies

Let us assist with minimizing your write offs and losses. We can help manage your DSO. An effective receivable management strategy is the best way to maintain control.